Solar Panel

Invest in the environment and reduce your utility bills. Residential, commercial or industrial, we have the solution for you.

Next Gen Electrical Services is your one stop energy saving solution provider. We will manage the whole process of your new investment from start to finish, with our team of fully qualified, experienced, and accredited Master Electricians.

If you are looking to make an impact on the environment, installing solar will not only reduce your carbon footprint but will also help you save money in the long term. With government incentives still available and the increasing cost of energy, let us help you make a difference.

Solar Power

Government Incentives

REC/STC’s (Renewable Energy Certificates/Small-Scale Technology Certificates) are available to homeowners and businesses when your solar power system is installed. Generating the REC/STC’s is calculated by the size of the system you are installing and this discount is applied at the point of sale. Once your system is installed, we will sell your REC/STC’s on your behalf, which enables us to reduce your upfront costs.


Total cost of 1.5kw solar system including installation $6331.00

REC/STC Discount at point of sale -$2418

Total upfront cost of 1.5kw solar system including installation $3913.00 – all you pay

* Please note this is an example only to show the calculation of discount at the point-of-sale.

Solar Bonus Scheme

In addition to future-proofing families against rising electricity prices, a solar system can also be a money maker for households. The Queensland Government’s Solar Bonus Scheme pays a feed-in tariff of more than double the domestic use tariff for surplus energy supplied to the grid from systems under 5 KW. The State government recently announced that its Solar Bonus Scheme will retain its minimum rate of $0.44 per kilowatt hour of surplus energy.

How Do I Get Solar?

  1. Request for a free quote
    A site visit may be necessary to access fit and location of panel
  2. Quoted accepted and Energex has approved your proposed installation
  3. System ordered and full design specs submitted to you. Installation date confirmed.
  4. System installed (installation timeframe 3 – 8hrs depending on system size). System turned on, you are now utilizing power from the sun!
  5. Energex changes over your meters (this can take up to 48 business days) so that your system can generate the FEED IN TARIFF (your unused solar credit)

Why Choose Next Gen Electrical Services?

  • We provide a team of fully qualified, experienced, and accredited Master Electricians
  • We use only quality Australian approved solar products
  • Our systems are backed with full warranty
  • We provide a complete service from quote through installation and beyond
  • We are committed to helping you understand solar and the benefits it can bring to your home or business.
  • We provide a FREE ENERGY ASSESSMENT with you first solar powered energy bill.

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