Energy saving LED lighting installation

Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Get Energy Saving LED Lighting Installed

Having already ventured deep into the 21st century and having realised our energy and ecological situation, we have to avert our thoughts from irrelevant matters onto more pressing issues like – energy sources and more specifically – light sources.

The outdated format of the regular light bulb is destined to die out soon enough, as this carbon-powered illumination source spends too much energy, including an astonishing 70% of just heat emission. But shed no tears; enter the LED lighting system – infinite in possibilities and incredible efficiency.  A Google search of the term may reveal some astonishing facts, but here the aim is strictly to clarify the arguments to make this energy switch onto more eco-friendly and healthier sources.  The most important ones are here:

Top Reasons to switch to LED Lighting

1. Efficiency

No, we’re not talking about a small, unnoticeable change in your electricity bill. We are hovering around an 80% decrease in energy drainage in comparison to the regular incandescent bulbs. Saving 4/5 of your electrical power really is a startling fact, even more so when you receive your first bill after you’ve completed the installment. Plus, there is not a single trace of high-powered discharge that is unhealthy and can have a detrimental effect on the eyes from repeated exposure.

2. Durability

These special bulbs have a thick epoxy. This is the main reason why they are so unbelievably durable and almost everlasting. Incandescent ones have to be carried with the utmost care because even a slight bump may break the thin glass layer or even mess up the wiring. Excessive maintenance is also a thing of the past, as you only need to make sure they are screwed in properly and therefore present a helping hand in your everyday life – not an obligation. Oh, by the way, is 50,000 hours of duration enough for you?

3. Outdoor use

LED lighting systems are ideal for setting up in your yard or just any outdoor environment your mind can think of, they aren’t prone to rust, decay or anything you might consider a common problem when dealing with regular lighting systems. As they also need less power, like we mentioned previously, these wonders also require a weaker powers source so everything is more convenient from top to bottom! Even better is the very fact that they don’t attract insects because of heatless light and are seriously flirting with perfection, as they solve all of our common problems.

4.  Environmental friendliness

As far fetched as it seemed a couple of decades ago, ecology is of the utmost importance now and should be treated as such. Limiting your carbon emission by buying LED light bulbs and having more biodegradable objects at your disposal is not merely a favor done for yourself – but for your children, grandchildren and generations that are yet to follow. Plus, they are almost impossible to malfunction and catch fire – in many areas, outbreaks of flame due to bad electrical installations is the chief cause of forest fires.

5. Health factor

No UV light rays whatsoever, no annoying flickering action – just a good, long process of fading so that you know a few days in advance when your bulb is due to go off, allowing you to replace it in advance.  No mercury or any other pollutant is administered either in the very bulb or during the manufacturing process. Also, your eyesight will stop being a victim of incandescent bulbs because the LEDs provide you with more natural light, which doesn’t cause the ocular nerves to invest too much energy into recognising it.

6. Customisation

They have many administration options when it comes to everyday life; the list is pretty much endless. First, there’s the much-desired option of dimming your light source if needed, providing a whole new dimension of interior decoration. You can also combine them with heat sensors and add them to a temperature display for your tap – both in the kitchen and bathroom.  That way you are less likely to get burns by finger-testing the warmth instead.

7. The property of being unnoticeable

They emit no sound, no humming noise or serve as a distraction to your daily chores whatsoever, you are barely going to notice their existence unless you really try hard to ponder about their functions. There are numerous DIY guides online that broaden your horizons and can give you some good ideas to experiment with the system itself.  They can also get wet and dry very easily, as weather conditions won’t make you fear electrocution.

8. Money-to-service ratio

Sure, you may point out the fact that LED bulbs are much more expensive in comparison to halogen ones, but we must first step away from the notion that everything cheaper is better. For the money you invest, you in return get – 2 years of warranty with immediate replacement if needed, duration 2400% longer than the average bulb, plus all of the points we made in the arguments above. More money equals more service in this case and in the end, you are off cheaper than buying actual cheaper light bulbs.

9. Entertainment purposes

We saved the best for last! Ever thought about organising a fun party at your own apartment but dreaded the fact you are lacking the proper lighting to make the atmosphere really resembling the one of a club? Well, your worries can come to an end as some led lights can be bought with built-in sensors that you can program to flicker in a predetermined rhythm or even synchronise the sensor with the vibration so that they can follow the beat of the music, as your guests are astonished by the ingenuity you’ve employed to make everyone’s night more enjoyable and memorable.

They are also very popular in any entertainment venue nowadays as they are less of a security hazard and cost much less in the long run, plus they’re so widely available and inexpensive that you can also redecorate your living quarters to resemble a high-class techno club.